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River in Flood Near the Bridge 3rd March 2007 [288] Top of Church Lane from The Green [303] St Lukes in the snow [167] Children playing in the village playing field [152] River in Flood view from Mill towards Church 3rd March 2007 [289] Secret Garden [179] Hall Close [311] Looking upstream from the bridge behind The Mill [154] Secret Garden in the Snow [166] The river in flood - looking upstream to the Mill [144] Taken from near The Mill [272] Secret Garden off The Green [304] The Chase [214] Taken from the end of Hodges Lane [156] St Lukes and Church Lane [315]





Applications Invited for Community Fund Grants


Kislingbury Town & Charity Estates is a village charity which supports the school, the church and the community.


Clubs and social bodies in the village can make applications to the charity's trustees for grants to support their activities and projects.


Additionally elderly people living in Kislingbury may make applications to support their special needs.


The trustees meet typically two or three times a year to review applications.


If you wish to apply for a community fund grant please call Jim Wood, Clerk to the Trustees on 01327 872670 to
obtain an application form.




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