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Is the largest voluntary group in Great Britain. 6million homes with 10 million NHW members

Kislingbury NHW was re-started in the early 2000s Since we started much has changed with the method of communication.

Email has become the fastest and easiest method to communicate and ideally we would like to have one or more persons in each Street who have access to email willing to receive and pass on information.

This is not an onerous task, nor is it too time consuming. If you would be happy to join the group of dedicated people already representing their streets, or would like to receive communications regarding crimes in our village and advice on how to prevent crimes and care for the vulnerable, please let me know. Call me on 07855 388 751 or email me at

Things to Remember and Things Not to Do:

Do not let anyone enter your property if you

a) Don't know them or

b) You have not asked for a visit.

Be aware of Bogus callers. The Utility Services will not knock on your door and ask for entry to do a check - either water, gas or electrics - without having first made an appointment with you.


Keep all doors and windows locked. In hot weather it is easy to leave windows open then move to another part of your home out of sight, this is the opening that the opportunist Burglar is looking for!! You can get locks which secure windows open, but safe.

Remember to lock garage and shed doors, the contents of your garage/shed are easy pickings for the opportunist and may prove to be very costly to you!

When going on holiday Cancel milk, papers magazines etc. Lock all doors and windows.
Tell a neighbour you are away, and ask them to make sure nothing is poking out of your letter box.

If possible, disable your front door bell.


Is a Property Marking System which is being used throughout the Country and is proving to be a very effective deterrent against Burglars.

* Smartwater is a clear liquid

* You cannot see it

* It does not smell

* It is totally inert

* It works because the Police are looking for it

* Burglary and vehicle crimes have been reduced when SmartWater is used. 

For further details, please contact Deni Topliss on telephone 07754 471 120

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Contact Telephone numbers:

NHW Coordinator Deni Topliss tel: 07754 471 120

Police : 999 in an emergency otherwise 03000 111 222

NHW Dedicated Number 01604 432 436

Safer Community Team 03000 111 222

Community Liaison Officers 03000 111 222

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

Doorstep Action Network 03452 307 702

Trading Standards 01604 707 900